After UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov bailed on the planned UFC 249 event, rival Conor McGregor had something to say.

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McGregor took to social media to blast Khabib for withdrawing from his UFC 249 fight against Tony Ferguson. Khabib cited COVID-19 prevention and logistical problems of getting out of Russia.

Russia has banned flights unless they are private charter and government approved.


“The Notorious” said his rival “chickened out” and he came for him asking the Khabib to “add me in” to his Instagram Live session on Thursday.

Khabib heard him loud and clear and responded during an interview with ESPN.

“You know what I feel, he look like old prostitute who want attention,” Khabib said to ESPN. “His time is done. Just tell him, and that’s it.”

McGregor has been teasing fans hoping he might step in as a late replacement recently tweeting, “I’m in shape to fight right now”.

“Tony (Ferguson) always is gonna be there, but I no understand this guy [McGregor] talk about he’s in good shape,” Khabib added. “When I smash him last time he says my foot is bad, or something like this. How is he in good shape now? When I smash his face and he tap, he says it was my bad shape. Now we talk about ‘I am good shape, I can come in’.

“A couple of days ago he says people take care of family, be safe, government ask us stay home. Now he talk about ‘I’m good shape, blah, blah, blah, someone have to fight’. I know this is fake. I was always real. Maybe someone like, maybe someone don’t like. This is not my job.”

There is no word if UFC 249 will happen or where, however, UFC president Dana White is committed to making it happen. The beef between Khabib and McGregor continue to roil on.

“He go to some island and sit home all day scared about this coronavirus, but he don’t talk about this. What happened October 6, 2018, when you have six months training camp before the fight? You do everything what you can and you come inside the cage.

“You talk a lot of bad things before the fight, six months you train very hard and you tap like chicken, What are you talking about, ‘I’m in good shape’.
He never can do nothing with me. Inside the cage he is zero. When we fight, what did he do? Everybody talk about his stand-up – I give him whole round, and I stand with him.”