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Louisville residents that have been in contact with coronavirus and refuse to isolate themselves now have to wear ankle bracelets.

According to reports, there are a few known cases so far. Jefferson County courts has set up an on-call judge for these types of cases.

Currently, under Kentucky’s guidelines only life-sustaining businesses can remain open. In addition, organizations that provide charitable and social services also remain open. Food banks, places that provide food, shelter and social services to the economically disadvantaged or people with disabilities.

However, these organizations must also practice social distancing while at work.


All schools are remaining closed through May 1st via Kentucky Governor Andy Beshearand’s order. He has also expanded travel restrictions. In addition, out-of-state visitors have to quarantine for 14 days.

In addition, the state is set to release at least 186 prisoners convicted of not-so-serious crimes on commuted sentences.