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It’s been a few weeks already since the NBA indefinitely suspended their season. Other sports were quick to follow suit. However, fans might have to wait until October to see their favorite teams play again.

According to sportswriter Brian Windhorst, “It’s been a bad week” for the NBA. He says that there was optimism about being able to resume the rest of the season. However, China halted its CBA league after finding that testing the player’s temperature before every game did not work because some players are asymptomatic.

There have been talks between the league and the players union this week about reaching a deal that would allow the NBA to cancel the rest of the season. Windhorst says they don’t have to cancel the season yet, but in the negotiations between the league and the players, there hasn’t been any talk of restarting the league. Instead, they’re having financial talks about what would happen if the rest of the season was canceled.

As for the 2021 season, Windhorst says that the NBA is trying to figure out how to not damage the following season.


The NBA has been suspended since March 12 after Utah Jazz center, Rudy Gobert, tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, Marcus Smart, Christian Wood, and others, have contracted the virus.