Joe Rogan said Friday during his podcast that he’d rather vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election over likely Democratic candidate nominee, Joe Biden. He also took the time to endorse Bernie Sanders.

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“I can’t vote for that guy,” Rogan said about Joe Biden. “I’d rather vote for Trump than him. I don’t think he can handle anything.”

Rogan’s issue seems to be with the democratic party. He says that “They’ve essentially made us all morons with this Joe Biden thing.”


Adding to his sentiments about opting to vote for Trump over Biden, Rogan stated that the POTUS is put under immense pressure, and he doesn’t know how Biden would be able to deal with that for even a year.

“I don’t think he can handle anything. You’re relying entirely on his Cabinet. If you want to talk about an individual leader who can communicate, he can’t do that. And we don’t even know what the f–k he’s going to be like after a year in office. The pressure of being president of the United States is something that no one has ever prepared for. The only one who seems to be fine with it is Trump, oddly enough. He doesn’t seem to be aging at all or in any sort of decline.”

However, Rogan has endorsed Bernie Sanders in a previous podcast, saying that “I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie. Him, as a human being, when I was hanging out with him, I believe in him, I like him, I like him a lot.”