Even from jail, Kodak Black has his ear to the streets and is not afraid to comment on it.

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He took to social to comment on the NBA Youngboy and Iyanna Mayweather/ Baby moms debacle. On his Instagram, he posted:

“The Hell They Mean Fully Cooperated LOL They ain’t Say A Lil Piece Bih They Say Fully Bih LOL Anyways Man That Word Aint Even Posed To Be Attached To Your Name @nba_youngboy . Dam Lil Bra Don’t Do Dat Lil Girl Like Dat Man! Don’t Do That Lil Girl Like Dat! I Mean I’m Locked Up, But This Shit Got It Lookin Like If It Was Some Otha Shit YOU’LL TELL SOMETHING.. This Shit Make Like U Was Scared Dem Ppl Was Gone Try Charge U Wit It Or Something So U SCREAMED..Dat Ain’t Da Drip Man U Kno We Don’t Holla @ Dem Ppl! One Of Dem Niggaz Inna Hize Wit U Coulda Talk To Dem Folks B4 U Did Cuz U Don’t Kno Shit Smh Where Ya Coach Was @nba_youngboy Smh I See Ima Have To Write U A Letter And Tie Yo Shoes Fa U Lil Bra. Free @ZodakRedd


Kodak, in his own broken Floridan, seems to be in disbelief that NBA Youngboy allowed the police to take Mayweather’s daughter and that he would be cooperating with the authorities to keep her locked up for the assault.

Words like “YOU’ll TELL SOMETHING” or “So U SCREAMED” definitely sounds like he is wondering if he is a rodent. He even said that he could have had someone else speak to the cops, but according to his intel, he spoke up. Kodak went on to say that NBA needed a coach and that he didn’t know anything.

This snitch thing is quite fascinating. What’s more fascinating is how he is in prison and still on Instagram or even better… how whoever is posting for him has his vernacular down to a “tee.”