Mike Tomlin’s wife KiyaTomlin is making excellent use of her abilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kiya is a fashion designer and figured out now would be an excellent time to make some masks, especially for those on the frontline.

“It’s hard to sit here and watch, and people that you know are risking their lives underprepared to take care of people and we are all worried about getting our hands dirty at the grocery store,” Tomlin told the Steelers’ website. “It’s good to be able to support those people, even though I can’t do what they do. What I do is in support for them. What I have heard they appreciate it and I am happy to do it.”


“We have such a high demand for people to buy them,” Tomlin said. “We might do something where if you buy six, we can donate six to health care workers. People understand we aren’t selling them yet, but still want to know as soon as we sell them.”

Kiya has been able to make about 50 masks a day working with her home sewing machine, obviously, its not as efficient as an industrial one she has at her office but it’s getting the job done. Currently, Kirya is taking donations for materials and has already received a large amount from JOANN Fabrics as she continues to produce the protective equipment. 

Talk about black girl magic, Kiya isn’t just talking the talk, she is clearly walking it as well.