Houston native and music artist Jimmy Bolt is back with his new single “Wolves.” The 21-year-old artist took a 3-year break from music after dropping his first album “Finally Noticed,” back in 2018 to revamp, reinvent himself and find his sound. ‘Wolves,’ which features Lil Keed was inspired by his journey as an artist and what you go through as an artist coming up. Through relationships of those in his inner circle and outer, he’s been learning to deal with the hate and the love which he views all the same.

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“This was my ‘you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym,’ moment,” said the artist.

As a creative, he admits his biggest challenge is finding which direction he wants to go in because he has a variety of sounds. He credits his father for instilling the love of music in him at an early age. Growing up he listened to Anita Baker and Otis Redding. It wasn’t until he got a little older than he developed a love for rap music. He wasn’t allowed to listen to it though so he had to sneak off to listen.


In 2016 his sisters passed away and then 5 days later his dad passed. He chooses not to look at it as losing 3 vital people in his life but rather as gaining 3 angels. Jimmy explained that taught him how to react in times of the unexpected and be the rock that he always was.

“I’m inspired by all music and really put every genre into my music,” he said. “I love certain rock music and of course I like that hard shit too. Really just depends on my mood.”

He began making music his junior year of high school and has been taking it seriously ever since. Coming from self-made entrepreneur parents, it’s no surprise that Jimmy has such a strong work ethic. Not only has he been recording music non-stop for the last couple of years, but he also launched his online clothing brand YAZY which launched in late 2019 when he dropped his premiere single “YAZY.” 

The artist says his legacy will be passed on for generations to come. He wants people to be free within themselves and really learn to simply stop letting people control them with judgement.

“The world is so backwards and KYF is going to fix that,” he said. “I want to be known and respected as a King who treated everyone equally and just provided a mindset that will outlive me and continue to show/shape the universe way after I’m gone.”

For more on Jimmy Bolt, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @jimmyboltx

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