The coronavirus has stopped everything in its tracks, except WrestleMania. WWE decided the show must go on and the 36-year tradition would carry on without fans. The circumstances surrounding WrestleMania were less than ideal, but the WWE superstars did put on an entertaining show. Here are the four takeaways from the showcase of the immortals.

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Rob Gronkowski Is The New 24/7 Champ

Gronk showed why he would make a great WWE superstar. The former Patriot won the 24/7 championship while hosting WrestleMania. Gronkowski won the belt after leaping onto a pile of opponents from a balcony outside the ring area and pinning Mojo Rowley.


The Undertaker Is Still An American Bad Ass

If WrestleMania happened at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, we probably wouldn’t have had one of the most creative WWE matches ever. The Boneyard match was an entertaining movie-like spectacle. Undertaker and AJ Styles put on a cinematic fight that fans will not forget. It was fun, strange, different and the best way to end the first night. Undertaker won and by doing so reminded everyone why he is still that dude.

Edge Still Got It

The Last Man Standing match between Edge and Randy Orton was one of the best put together match of this show. Both men brawled through the entire PC throughout the match. For someone who hasn’t been in the ring for over 9 years, Edge didn’t show any ring rust. Edge was forced to retire due to a severe neck injury. From some spots during the match, you couldn’t he once was a bad fall away from being paralyzed.

Bray Wyatt And John Cena Deserve An Emmy For Their Performance

The firefly funhouse match stole the show during mania weekend. The two journeyed through various points in wrestling history and eras of Cena’s career. After Wyatt made his point to Cena — that the legend had been a privileged bully who was given endless opportunities in his career while Wyatt had to work for everything he had accomplished — “The Fiend” appeared.