The COVID-19 pandemic has spurned calls to expand access to voting ahead of November’s election. However, it has intensified the partisan fight over voting rights and #45 is showing his contradictions.

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President Donald Trump continued to oppose mail-in voting, dismissing it as “corrupt”. However, he voted by mail himself in this year’s Florida primary election.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper called out Trump for an action he sees as hypocritical.


The prospect of having millions of Americans head to the polls in November amid the pandemic is raising serious questions. How do you balance the right to vote with the best practices for public health?

Democrats and voting rights experts have proposed expanding voting by mail. However, those calls are facing resistance from many state and national Republicans. Some have long opposed efforts to expand voting access and instead have supported stricter measures like voter identification laws, which they argue ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

Some Republicans view expanding voting rights as opportunism. They have accused Democrats of using the pandemic as a way to enact voting changes the party has long sought.