Flavor Flav’s former manager and the mother of his child, Kate Gammell has been in a constant battle with the rapper to get him to claim and provide for their baby boy, Jordan Gammell.

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Gammell reived a paternity test back in October of 2019, confirming that the Public Enemy star is indeed the father of Gammell’s child. Despite the paternity test proving that Flav is the father of her son Jordan, the rapper has seemed to continue to not be active in the life of his son.

In efforts to provide for her newborn, Gammell went to social media to take matters into her own hands. The former manager posted a video of her so sitting on some Flavor Flav merch, as she reads this caption, “Here is my son, Jordan, surrounded by official Flavor Flav merchandise. Jordan is Flavor’s son. I used to manage Flav but no longer do due to the obvious reason. I bought tons of merchandise when I was his manager and now I need money for my son’s everyday needs because I am not getting any child support, so decided to pull out all the merch and sell it to you. It is being sold at a discount rate. I will also be donating a percentage to children’s hospital because they helped me as a kid and are really working hard now even with the Coronavirus to help kids. Message me if interested.”


Gammell has been the manager for Flavor Flav since his early days in Public Enemy. She handled the rapper’s public appearances and his merchandising. In the video, you can see a collection of colorful clothing from t-shirts to hats to hoodies, surrounding baby Jordan. Flav seems to be unbothered by the news after a video surfaced the internet of the hip-hop pioneer making a funny video to Roddy Ricch’s “The Box.”

“When I told him I was pregnant with his child, Flavor let me go and I was left with thousands of dollars of Flavor Flav merch that I had purchased with my own money,” Gammell shares with HipHopDX. “Jordan is not getting any child support from Flavor and I needed money for Jordan’s everyday needs. So, I decided to pull out the merch and sell it to help my son and give a percentage to Children’s Hospital. I doubt I will recoup the money that I put into this, but I don’t care, as any money towards Jordan’s needs is important. The support for Jordan has been fantastic so far,” she continued.