The NBA Draft is still scheduled to proceed in June but no word as of yet if it will be postponed. As of this minute, no word to if it will even be a live event or even what kinda format should it be.

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According to CBS college basketball reporter Jon Rothstein, NBA team interviews with draft-eligible players for the 2020 Draft will be limited to two hours per week for each player and four hours total for each player.

According to Rothstein, he is hearing that there will be no in-person workouts at all moving forward, in any location. Based on current social distancing guidelines, you would think that would be the case. But since there is potentially a rule about it, then you have to think it is happening somewhere.


The last guideline limits the amount of time to be used for video interviews. According to Rothstein, no team will be able to meet with a single-player for more than two hours in one week, and the total limit per player will be four hours.

These guidelines could make for one interesting draft.