It looks like some people have had enough of other’s not practicing social distancing. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot seems determined to lower the curve for her city, even if it means driving around Chicago and telling groups of people to go back home.

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It was a beautiful 70-degree day on Tuesday, April 7, in Chicago. This prompted many people to go outside and ignore the stay at home/social distancing order in place. This is when Lightfoot took actions into her own hands and drove around the city making sure people stayed indoors.

Lori told the Chicago Tribune that “I personally drove around yesterday, and I was up on the North Side, in the 50th Ward, and I’ll continue to do that,” Lightfoot said. “I told people that I saw gathering in clusters not abiding by the social distancing rules to break it up. Yes. And I’ll continue to do that.


Lightfoot even says that she broke up an underage drinking party one night as well. “The other night I think we literally broke up an underage drinking party. There were some young folks that were in a garage with the door up, it was a beautiful night, we pulled by and I told the driver, ‘Back up,’ rolled down the window and said, ‘Hey, you’re too close. Separate yourself. Social distancing!’” Lightfoot recalled. “And we heard one person, I won’t repeat the expletive but they said, ‘Oh,’ and you can figure it out. So we had a little fun with it.”

Lightfoot recently defended a trip she took to the hairstylist after her stylist posted a picture of Lightfoot in the chair. In one of her public service announcements, Lightfoot even said that “getting your roots done is not essential.” In response to the controversy, Lightfoot stated that “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye.”

Lightfoot became an internet meme last month after she instated the stay at home order for Chicago on March 20. Photoshopped pictures began popping up around social media of her enforcing the stay at home order. She said that she is a fan of the memes, stating that I think we’ve got to have a sense of balance. Humor is a big part of it. I’ve actually enjoyed them.” According to the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois has reported 19,180 cases of COVID-19 and 677 deaths so far.