While his “wife” may face up to 99 years in prison for a love-drunk assault on NBA Youngboy’s baby mother, the rap star is having issues with other women.

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He has shared with fans on an IG Live that the reason he recently deleted his Instagram photos is that there were women who were swiping his pictures with the intention to do harm to him.

“You know why I deleted my pictures off my page?” He asked. “Women tryna incriminate me.”


“They posting stupid sh*t. They saying stupid sh*t. and they people trying to downplay a n*gga leak the sh*t.”

He starts talking around 10 minutes in.

He later added, “That shit be playin’ mind games with me. Or I be playin’ mind games with myself ’cause I be letting it eat me up.”

While the fans scratch their head, trying to figure out why are so many chickens coming home to roost for this young man, Ya Ya Mayweather is facing almost a century-worth of time for the stabbing of LaPattra Lashai Jacobs, will reportedly need to have surgery for the injuries she received from that brutal attack.

She took to her IG to tell people that she was not doing well and that she wants people to leave her alone.

As for NBA Youngboy, outside of deleting his pictures… he is promoting a few new songs: “Step on Sh*t,” seemingly recorded in his home and has already received almost 8M views.