In an exclusive IG Live video, Grafh told The Source that his prior affiliation with Black Hand, Inc. didn’t mean he had beef with G-Unit.

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“No I wish I did man because I f*%k with 50. That’s why I hate when they be acting like we had issues. We from the same side of Queens and because of certain issues or misunderstandings that happened with the big homie before I was even in the picture, they say he is blackballing us or blackballing me or what have you.”

Grafh has long been the star artist of Black Hand. Founded by Chaz “Slim” Williams, one of the most respected people in New York. In addition, the native of Southside Jamaica, Queens helped manage the career of 50 Cent, leading up to his deal with the majors.


Williams also had close ties to Tupac Shakur and JAY-Z. However. on the song “Many Men” from 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” debut, he says, “Slim switched sides on me, they n*&%as ride on me, I thought we was cool, why you want me to die, homie?”

Guilty (By Association)

“In my opinion, I don’t think he is blackballing dudes but because of how the industry moves I think because of whatever friction industry n*&%as thought was there, the industry was forced to chose sides and they did like a motherf%$#er. N*&%as wasn’t fucking with what I was making holistically.

“I didn’t change much I been making the same shit for over a decade. Thats what it look like thats what it felt like. I never had a full convo with 50 but I want to and its funny by the time I seen him all that shit was out my head it was blank. I’ve seen hm in the VIP a few times and we just small talked about whatever. We didn’t even talk about nothing but I think me and him is cool to the point if I see him I think he’ll say what up. Even when there was tension with n&%$as from Black Hand, nobody was ever mad at him. Big homie was never mad at him.”

Grafh wishes to keep the past there and possibly work with 50 Cent or even Lloyd Bank$ in the future.

“I wish we could work together. Dipset, Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders certain crews molded the sound of New York to me. Even if you listen to half of the shit I used to freestyle to. Half of it was G-Unit, Wu-tang, Bad Boy beats so f&$k am I mad at him for. I appreciate what he brought to the game.

“Even Lloyd Banks, I’d love to do something with him. I be poking at him with the battle rap shit because I respect the n&%$a. I think people would like to see it. But I like the n&%$a, G-Unit is G-Unit, n%$#as made history. You cant take that away. They put a stamp on that sound in the city and I respect it.”

Grafh’s latest project Oracle 3 is currently available everywhere.