Legendary New Jersey group Naughty By Nature has released a surprise new 7-track EP titled Forgotten Quarantined Archives. The 29-minute offering additional features both Tah G Ali and Anthony Hamilton with production from Brooklyn duo Da Beatminerz, Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney, Bink! along with the group’s DJ Kay Gee.

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Opening up their musical vault, these tracks that have been stashed away for years now finally see the light of day that they do deserve. Almost eight and a half years since their most recent album Anthem Inc. that was released in December 2011 to collaborate their then 20-years in music officially as Naughty By Nature, this new project takes fans back to previous decades.

With not much new original music together from the classic group who released four critically-acclaimed albums back to back since the 1990s, the group that won both a Grammy Award and an American Music Award as well as multiple further nominations too in the early to mid-90s reappear after recent years of extensive touring both throughout America and internationally. Naughty By Nature fans will be happy to hear new music in their traditional sound from Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee some 31 years since their original debut 10-track album “Independent Leaders” was released then as The New Style on RCA  Records/Sony Music back in December 1989.


Naughty By Nature’s new Forgotten Quarantined Archives EP is now streaming across all platforms via Slugga Ent.