The WWE has been pushing through this coronavirus pandemic. It was only a matter of time before one of their employees tested positive for the virus and that’s exactly what happened.

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WWE has confirmed that one of its on-air employees has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The confirmation arrives shortly after Fightful published a WWE internal memo informing its team about the infected employee: “… We believe this matter is low-risk to you per the following chronology … Those of you who were potentially exposed would be cleared for travel by the evening of Thursday, April 9 at the latest, since the last possible exposure to any WWE talent personnel should have been at least 14 days prior.”


The WWE employee, who is not an in-ring performer, was reportedly exposed to the virus after WWE completed the production of many events from March 25-26, including Wrestlemania 36. The individual has since made a “complete recovery,” according to WWE. 

There is no word on the identity of the unidentified talent at this time, nor if they are going to be in attendance at future WWE closed set broadcasts.

The WWE has face criticism over its decision to continue production amid the coronavirus pandemic. Current plans for WWE is to resume live taping at their performance center this week. Overall, WWE should really consider if carrying on production is still worth the risk of more employees eventually catching the virus.