Deb Antney, her son Waka Flaka, and his wife, Tammy Rivera are no strangers to VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta franchise. As Deb showed her journey to finding the next big thing, Waka and Tammy showed their journey back to a happy place in their marriage after falling apart.

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Currently, the trio resides with WEtv, which is the network responsible for popular shows Marriage Bootcamp, Braxton Family Values, and current homes to the trio Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta and Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka.

Recently, Deb Antney spoke her mind and why she preferred to work with WEtv rather than VH1. She feels WEtv allows cast members to be themselves, while Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta geared towards “sensationalism.”


“It’s very disgraceful for women,” she said when speaking on Love and Hip Hop. “It makes our men look horrible. I’m just not for it. I’m not for the drama like that.” In the first episode of What the Flocka, fans can see an excited Deb, encouraging the young couple to have a child of their own. On Love and hip-hop, Deb recalls how she felt when watching the young couple work out their differences after infidelity allegations aired on the show. “It just destroyed the inside of me, I could not function.”

It’s great to see the trio in a different light. Hopefully, Deb will get the grandchild she longs for.