Legendary crooner and businessman Akon headlines an ambitious collaboration between Contractor Music Group, Golden Child Records, Beatbopper Records, and Kohanim Records fantastic compilation album titled Akon And Friends Remastered. Executively produced by Billboard-charting specialist Sean “Contractor” Edwards, the heavily anticipated project will feature a bevy of industry familiar names such as Akon, Da Baby, Sean Paul, Royce Da 59, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Don Yute, Wayne Wonder, and much more! Connecting the mainstream music scene with Dancehall and Reggae, a bunch of new artists will get their much-deserved shine on the project. 

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Two artists, in particular, Locx and Don Yute, share amazing stories on how they got collaborations with iconic artists. For Upstate New York track embellisher Locx, getting Dababy on a track was very surreal and natural. “I was in my car, and Dababy came on the radio, I was digging his vibe,” he said. “After that, I DM’d him on Instagram and sent him my music. He was f*cking with it, so I sent him a beat with a verse, and he sent his verse back.” 

It did not only stop there, but he also flew the Carolina star to New York, had him perform, and shot some scenes with him. With nothing but genuine vibes and general excitement, the collaboration between Locx and DaBaby will be sure to be a staple on the project. 


Don Yute has two other essential collaborations for the overall culture of music with Akon himself and the iconic Reggae revolutionist, Sean Paul. The story of him meeting and making songs with Akon is wholesome and genuine. 

“Since I met Akon in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, we became friends, and we began making great music together,” Yute states emphatically. “We did a track together named ‘Oh Mama,’ and another song named “This boy.” At this year’s past Super Bowl, I met up with Akon again, and he wanted to make new music with me. I said I still have the tracks we did back in the day, and they’re still relevant!” 

To honor the legacy of Akon, Yute wanted these tracks featured on the upcoming projects along with many records that are remastered to pay homage and to put out quality music. Also, a big intuitive is in place to promote lesser-known and newer names into the forefront of music, with the help of the more prominent names, of course. These names include Alonestar, King Tiger, K’Coneil, Alistarr, IBRU, Jay Shephard, Krueshef, VBlock Dutch, Kapo DiKaprio, and Herbert Skillz. With much time, effort, and love put into the project, fans of not only Reggae but music, in general, can look forward to Akon And Friends Remastered to wow their ears! The project is set to release at the end of April.