Last year when Tekashi 6ix9ine was sentenced, he received some unlikely support from Akon. Now he’s back defending the disgraced rapper again during a conversation with DJ Whoo Kid on Instagram live on Thursday.

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Akon explained why he didn’t blame the Brooklyn rapper for singing like Mariah Carey. “Here’s the thing, he’s young bro…He had to literally decide, ‘What’s more valuable to me? My family or my future,'” Akon explained. “You have to make a decision that’s going to better you.” During the livestream the mogul emphasized that 6ix9ine was most likely in over his head.

“Me and you there ain’t no excuses, we been through the trenches… We know better,” he added, noting the generational gap. Akon questioned why was Tekashi 6ix9ine even put in a compromising situation to begin with and suggested that his “homies should have took that for him.” he continued, “He’s the football, you always protect the football.”


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