50 Cent has already made it clear that he’s not interested in going hit-for-hit with Ja Rule on Instagram live. But the Murda Inc. rapper is stirring the pot as fans continue the discourse about the possible end results of the battle.

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The hosts of Ebro in the Morning had their own Ja versus Fifty battle to which the “Living It Up” rapper responded, “Haha cute lil battle but let’s be honest I musically INFLUENCED 50,” Rule wrote. “Let’s talk about!!!”

Shortly after making the comment, Ja took a page out of 50’s book and posted a meme making fun of his snitching allegations. “Oh you wanna make memes…🤣Curtis Ratson!!! Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored… 🤣 this post will self destruct,” he wrote in the caption.


Ja Rule previously agreed to “behave” and accepted the battle against 50 Cent. But the rising TV mogul isn’t interested in doing anything positive with Ja for the culture.

This has got to be the longest standing rap feud in history. But we’ve got to ask, do you think 50 Cent’s music was influenced by his archnemesis?