Kelly Rowland teased the release of “Coffee” earlier in the week and her new single is now available.

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The steamy single is the audio story of the morning after a night of passion with Kelly petitioning for her late-night bae to stay for coffee and more sex opposed to heading to work.

I know you got the best of me
I know you need the stress relief, babe
Before we both get dressed to leave
Want you to try this recipe, babe
I know we just woke up
I know you gotta go but-
Breakfast isn’t over
I see the way rose up, ha


Accompanying the release is a new video, in which she detailed her vision to ESSENCE.

“I want to celebrate the women in video—every shade, every coffee color, every curve, every essence and what they gave me,” Rowland said. “My intention I set for the video was to take the light in yourself and your sexuality [and put it in] a God perspective, in a way where you don’t have to get any approval from anybody else.”

You can see the video below.