Jalen Green isn’t going to his high school graduation or his prom this year. The soon to be high school graduate is the nation’s number one basketball prospect and he isn’t going to college either. Green is skipping the NCAA for the NBA’s G League.

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The G League pathway program was launched in October 2018 and pays prospects $125,000 as an alternative to attending college. Green’s jump to the G League could result in even more compensation than the regular amount.

Green was believed to have narrowed his choice down to Auburn and Memphis before deciding to turn pro. The Fresno, Calif., native is viewed by many as the favorite to be the top overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.


Green is exactly the blue-chip player the G League needs to be considered a real option. College isn’t for everyone and the NCAA has a well-known track record for using the term student-athlete from paying their players.