We’re less than a week away from the 2020 NFL Draft. While the debate isn’t if JoeBurrow will be the number one draft pick, the question that is on everyone’s mind is he worthy of being the first pick in a very loaded draft class? Burrow put up his best numbers last season. He threw for 5,671 yards and an FBS-record 60 touchdowns en route to a National Championship victory. Here are three reasons why Burrow is a can’t miss number one pick for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Hometown Hero Returns Home

Burrow is an Ohio native that grew up not too far from Cincinnati. His Cinderella story wouldn’t be appreciated more than in his home state. The Bengals haven’t had a flashy young star at quarterback since the early 80s when Boomer Esiason was at the helm. Burrow brings star appeal and sells hope to a fan base itching to be relevant again.


Heisman Winners Have Been Ballers On The Next Level.

Over the last few seasons, the Heisman Trophy winner has been balling in the NFL. The 2017 Heisman winner Derrick Henry was the league-leading rusher and breakout player in the playoffs last season. The 2017 Heisman winner, Lamar Jackson was the league MVP last season. Cardinals’ Kylie Murray was the rookie of the year last season and the 2019 Heisman winner. Burrow put up record-breaking numbers in his final collegiate season. With a great offensive-minded coordinator in Cincinnati, Burrow could be posed to have a stellar rookie season and keep the streak going of success for Heisman winners.

Joe Burrow Is The Best Quarterback In This Draft Class

Sorry to tell all the Tua Tagovailoa fans, one of the best assets to have is availability. Burrow passed all eyeball test with his progression from junior year to senior year of college football. Why a few NFL teams were tanking for Tua, he didn’t play a full year of college football due to a serve hip injury. During that time, Burrow found and put separation between himself and the rest of the quarterbacks on the draft board. With the first pick, the Bengals can’t risk the pick on a quarterback recovering from a hip injury.