It is hard not to feel overwhelming sad when you think of the promise that the 90s and early 2000s child star Orlando Brown had. Hearing parts of his story, pieced together from various interviews and celebrity anecdotes, his mental breaks were inching … and inching … and now like “POW” … it seems like he has finally spiraled all the way down in the abyss.

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Rumors are floating that after Orlando Brown accused Michael Jackson and Will Smith of raping him.

Even more interesting as reported by, The Proud Family cast member believes that not only was he sexually assaulted as a child by these powerful entertainment giants, but that he’s the real Blanket Jackson who was abandoned then later raped.


Unverified rumors say that Brown has been arrested for breaking into the Jackson Estate’s Neverland Ranch on Friday. Various members of Michael Jackson’s family lives on the ground and (quite naturally) since Brown believes he is family — told authorities that it was his property (which would give him every right to be there).

Brown joins a countless number of Disney stars who have suffered mental illness. It is more common than reported. Prayers up for Eddie from That’s So Raven.