R. Kelly has been denied release from behind bars after petitioning to be let go because of coronavirus. But could it because his bank account is heavier than it once was? Just a year after sitting at -$13, The R&B legend is now believed to have $200,000 from royalties.

After the first failure from Kelly’s legal team, a second motion was filed stating he has “no means to go anywhere,” according to Bossip. But federal authorities note the money from royalties as means to flee or attempt to coerce witnesses if he is a free man, while he is attempting to combat his federal charges. In addition, his team is attempting to still intimidate witnesses and using social media to pain the singer in a positive light.

The original petition for release state Kelly has preexisting conditions that could risk his life. They noted that he does not have any known risks but also, he is much more dangerous to the public than the virus is to him.

“While the government recognizes the seriousness of COVID-19 and the increased risk to certain federal prisoners, a generalized risk alone does not justify releasing the entire BOP population, much less a prisoner being held for racketeering charges involving crimes against specified victims and with a history of obstructing justice and violating his bail conditions by committing serious crimes,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office wrote. “Simply residing in MCC Chicago – even where a limited number of inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 – cannot be a basis for being released.”

That money will just have to sit without him seeing it.