Megan Thee Stallion scored another W in her lawsuit against her label, 1501 Records, and the CEO, Carl Crawford is punching the air.

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In a since-deleted post, he dragged his old pal, T. Farris, claiming Farris put up a front for two years with his money. The tickling moment of the unnecessary post was the reference to Megan Thee Stallion’s latest single.

“Here’s the real B.I.T.C.H.!! Moved this ngga In my own house for a whole year…Bought him jewelry Cars and clothes to wear everyday… Treated this ngga like a blood brother. Took this ngga off the streets of Houston when everybody knew he was fcked up…Gave this n*gga advance and a monthly payment where I paid him every month on time for 2 years straight…”


The post continued, “Overlooked all the negative things nggas was saying about him and still rode with em…Paid Dr bills when that lil ngga Knocked his teeth out…Help him pay his dad doctor bills to get off cancer..I mean the level of betrayal in just too unbelievably…This man put up a front for two years with all my money making people think he was the one paying for everything when it was me…I gave this man his whole identity back all to get stabbed in the back…I say all this to say….I took yo best shot and I’m still here F*ck boi!!”

The real reason Carl Crawford might be upset is that Judge Robert Schaeffer denied both of Carl’s requests to stay the case and seek mediation and arbitration. They’ll be back in court later this year and hopefully, Crawford can keep their business off the Internet.