Today is 420, the unofficial national smoker’s holiday. Many of hip hop’s biggest and brightest are using the quarantine time on 420 to connect with their fans uniquely in the digital space with an appreciation for cannabis.

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Harlem’s Jim Jones is blazing it up on 4/20 and you can join his smoke session. Jones has a carousel of celebrity guests joining him today like Fabolous, Jadakiss, and Kevin Hart.

Hart will not be smoking.


Jim will host a virtual smoke out on Zoom, and you can burn with him and his celeb friends at 4:20 PM on the East Coast and West Coast.

Jones is also celebrating the one-year anniversary of his luxury cannabis brand, Saucey Farms & Extracts.

He has also attached a fundraiser in the online chat for COVID-19 relief. All the money raised will be used for masks for the homeless.

Other stars like DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club are doing live 420 DJ sets.