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Kodak Black and his lawyer have both been vocal about the possible mistreatment he has been receiving while serving time for a paperwork offense.

The rapper has been sitting up in prison since Rolling Loud Miami last year in March for allegedly lying on a firearm application. His attorney, Bradford Cohen, revealed that his client was denied early release or being moved to a detention center closer to his family as per the First Step Act.

“It’s amazing how the Federal [Bureau of Prison] works. Here’s a guy that still has over a 1.5 years left on his sentence and no signs of corona, in a min security club fed, the judge denies his request to be released, and Bop goes ahead and decides he is a candidate to be released. Meanwhile, @kodakblack sits in a penitentiary where i cannot have any meaningful legal discussions on any of his cases, 1100 miles away from his family, where there are cases of corona, for a paperwork offense, and they wont even agree to transfer him closer to his family, like the First Step Act suggested. The you have @6ix9ine0fficial who was accused of violent offenses, has prior history and is sent to a private prison and then released early as well. If you think there isn’t a 2 tiered system of justice you are dreaming. #justiceforkodak“


Earlier this month, Kodak Black spoke out once again about the mistreatment he was undergoing. He even expressed that his safety is threatened and feels like he needs a knife for protection.

“I ain’t no btch and I’ll blow me some sht up so they send me to the compound where it’s only 3 n***z from Florida there, so regardless of who talkin like they got my back. Imma need me a fckin KNIFE bcuz I don’t know nobody. These people breaking all type of laws with me.”

What are your thoughts on Kodak’s legal situation?