OnlyFans has taken over Quarantine Season. Casanova and Safaree are its newest users. While the majority of the country is homebound due to Social Distancing, many have turned to OnlyFans Accounts to create a new revenue stream.

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The two entertainers have recently created OnlyFans accounts, but are at odds overpricing. While Safaree is charging $20 per month for his content, Cas considers his product more valuable at $50. Both took to Instagram to explain their pricing.

“Listen, y’all bum bitches stop DMing me talking about $50 is too expensive for your OnlyFans,'” said the Flatbush rapper. “Go to Safaree’s page then! He charging $10. This rich n***a d*ck. I’m not playing with this d*ck. You wanna see this d*ck? $50!”


Following Safaree’s namedrop in Casanova’s video, Safaree responded.

“Ladies it’s 2020, we’re going through a hard time,” said Safaree on Instagram. “That’s why my OnlyFans is $20. I care about your pockets. Casanova telling y’all $50? C’mon man.”

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There’s no telling what will come from this, but entertainers are finding creative ways to create new revenue streams. As of February 2020, OnlyFans has over 20 million registered users. This number will continue to increase.

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