North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un’s life is stated to be in “grave danger” after a surgery. A United States official with direct knowledge discloses the details.

According to CNN, Kim did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15, however, he was present for a government meeting four days prior.

An additional US source confirmed the health concerns for Kim, but could not provide accurate details to the severity of the issues. An additional report from Daily NK, which tracks North Korea, states Kim received a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12 due to excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork.

CNN also states getting information from North Korea is difficult, especially when it comes to the leader who has God-like appeal to the people of the country. The National Security Council and Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined comments, while the CIA and State Department are looking to receive information from South Koreans.

“There have been a number of recent rumors about Kim’s health (smoking, heart, and brain). If Kim is hospitalized, it would explain why he wasn’t present on the important April 15th celebrations,” said Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former CIA deputy division chief for North Korea. “But, over the years, there have been a number of false health rumors about Kim Jong-un or his father. We’ll have to wait and see.”