Babyface and Teddy Riley’s Verzuz battle was a celebration of Black music, as well as a learning experience.

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Face spilled some tea about Michael Jackson like his interest for Halle Berry. After Riley played “In the Closet,” Face revealed that Madonna was originally set to play the love interest in the music video. But she was replaced after she suggested that the King of Pop dress as a woman.

The producer recalls MJ being upset about Madonna’s request. “‘Babyface, can you believe she wants me to dress like a girl?’ He was like, ‘I’d never do that.’ He said, ‘She was trying to change it all up. It was crazy’ … He was really mad about it.”


So that’s when Naomi Campbell was tapped to play the lead lady in the iconic video, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The OGs broke the Internet yesterday with half a million viewers tuned in to hear the timeless hits they created with the likes of MJ, Toni Braxton, Tevin Campbell, and more.

What was your favorite part of the battle?