The REFORM Alliance is continuing to make an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. The criminal justice reform organization led by Meek Mill and Michael Rubin have announced a partnership with Madonna (via her Ray of Light Foundation) and Jessica Alba’s husband Cash Warren (via his company Pair of Thieves) and a few other organizations to send 100,000 additional masks to more prison facilities to protect inmates and prison staff.

Including in the facilities that will be served are Cook County Jail and the Illinois Department of Corrections which has experienced 600+ positive COVID-19 tests.

Last month, REFORM sent 100,000 surgical masks to Rikers Island, the Tennessee Department of Corrections and the Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman, Mississippi.

More than 2 million lives in prisons across America are currently at stake due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” REFORM co-chair Michael Rubin said. “It’s absolutely crucial that we protect our inmates and prison staff, especially since social distancing guidelines are difficult to abide by in these facilities. REFORM remains committed to protecting one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations, many of whom are currently incarcerated for technical probation violations (not committing a crime), and we’re grateful for the support of our partners in this endeavor.”

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“Our response to this crisis will be judged by how we protect our most vulnerable citizens,” REFORM co-founder Michael Novogratz said. “That include those who are incarcerated, their lives matter too, and we need to start acting like it.”

“Helping others has always been part of our DNA at Pair of Thieves,” said Pair of Thieves founder Cash Warren. “So when the team from REFORM outlined how quickly COVID-19 has spread amongst the incarcerated and those who work in and around prisons, we knew we had to help.”


REFORM recently collaborated with medical experts and advocates across political party lines for the S.A.F.E.R. Plan, which are recommendations meant to equip state leaders with a smart policy response to the potential spread of the coronavirus within correctional facilities and supervision offices.