It was reported that Rihanna’s father was thankful that his daughter sent him a ventilator after he tested positive for the coronavirus. But a rep for the singer reportedly said that’s a lie.

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Ronald Fenty told The Sun, “My daughter Robyn was checking in on me every day. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say, I love you so much, Robyn. “She did so much for me. I appreciate everything she has done.”

He even told the outlet that she sent a ventilator which he admitted he didn’t use yet. “I got a fever up inside of my nose. I had a fever across my lips. It was just a lot of fever. I feared the worst. I thought I was going to die, honestly.”


The 66-year-old urged, “I want everybody to stay home. This is a serious situation. More serious than people realize. Please stay home.”

However, a source from the beauty mogul’s camp told Page Six, “He doesn’t need a ventilator, and she didn’t send him one.” Rihanna is reportedly upset about his claims and she had no knowledge of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Riri and her father have been having ongoing issues about him trying to use his famous daughter’s name for publicity and money. But considering that she has donated millions to the coronavirus relief effort, I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem assisting her father if he really was in need.