Your new album, The Procession , what are some of your elements from this album? My journey! Including my frustrations while remaining humble. This album is what people may see as me coming back from the dead. I’m delivering Passion, love and hopefully everyone can experience and appreciate the growth while listening to the album.  

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You are known for shaping artists’ musical sound. Jahiem single “Just in Case” became gold. How was your reaction when that came about? It was expected. Not because I felt like I knew it was going to be big, but the hard work that you did yesterday can benefit what you do tomorrow. It was a ballad but we double-timed the beat to make it up-tempo. I wrote the bridge on the phone while in LA and Jahiem and KG from Naughty by Nature were in NJ. We worked so hard especially with Jahiem being so talented we expected the record to be huge.

What was your inspiration behind the album title, The Procession? We are burying our skeletons. In early music, I want to resurrect myself. Remind people, I have more to give them than “Too Close” and “Wifey”. It’s a reintroduction, rebirth to RL.


What story did you want to tell with your project? I want to tell a lot of stories. If we make enough relatable stories through music, people will feel connected to different songs for different reasons. For example, someone who is going through pain, wanting to be intimate, new relationships, wanting to tell someone you love them and can’t find the right words or simply even being able to personally relate with how they are feeling but unable to find the right words to express themselves; There’s a song for that. we are in a time that you turn on a cd when you are in a mood. I come from a time where you can put on one album and it contains different songs for different moods