Fred The Godson has seen some improvement while battling COVID-19. According to his publicist, the Payback rapper is still in intensive care, but has lost his fever that peaked at 105 degrees. The publicist says that Fred dropping his fever was “big” in the recovery process.

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According to his publicist, Fred’s heart and vitals have been showing positive signs in addition to the reduced fever. As a result of the disease, Fred’s kidney function has not been working.

Fred The Godson was at higher vulnerability for COVID-19 because he has asthma. Prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19, the “LeBron and Serena” rapper would often post photos on Instagram using the breathing treatment machine to treat asthma.


The Bronx lyricist who was hospitalized in early April was once relying 100 percent on a ventilator. The ventilator usage has since been decreased.

Fred posted on social media on April 6 that he was hospitalized with the viral disease asking for prayers as he began his battle.