After appearing on The Source IG Live Series, Tyron Woodley touched a sore spot with Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adeanya.

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The former welterweight champ was on quarantine at his gym in St. Louis, Missouri and checked in with The Source.

“It only takes one loss, it only takes one bad performance. Like think about Stylebender, we gassed him up way too early. We threw so much diesel in his tank, we flooded him with diesel and guess what happened? He stood and watched paint dry and then we made excuses for him afterwards.”


UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya had a lackluster win against Yoel Romero at UFC 248. The fight was brokered as a super fight but didn’t deliver the action fans expected.

UFC president Dana White heaped the blame on Romero who focused on defense.

“He broke the record of the least amount of strikes thrown in a title fight. Did you hear them say that? Nobody jumped into Rogan’s earpiece but the second I defended 21 takedowns from the best grappler that’s ever fought in the sport with a torn labrum that I did with the first punch in the first round.

“Still won the fight but they said you just broke the record for the least amount of strikes but when it comes to someone who was 100% healthy, talked mad shit and was supposed to do all XYZ, we just shove it under the rug. How convenient is that? That’s super convenient.”

MMA is on hiatus right now during the pandemic but once it restarts, the tension is high in the game.