US Congresswoman Val Demings joined L. Londell McMillan to discuss a variety of subjects including Florida’s COVID response, gun violence, and her work as one of the impeachment managers.

Congresswoman Demings is currently rumored to be a potential 2020 Vice President Candidate running alongside the presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Demings was born and raised in Florida and details her life from humble beginnings as a child and the family values placed into her to ensure her success. The conversation would transition into her primary responsibility of taking care of people, specifically in light of the COVID-19 and the Governor of Florida’s decisions to leave beaches open.

“We are trying to remind him what his primary responsibility is,” Demings said. “Florida like other states around the country need more testing. We have certainly seen the very troubling and alarming number of COVID-19 cases among African-Americans and in Black and Brown communities. We want to know why that is.

“I have my own theories about it. I think it is the result of decades of injustices and inequities in our community,” she added.

Demings also spoke to community policing and how to protect our own communities from gun violence.

“We need to stop leaving Black and Brown communities out. If we are going to change communities around we have to make them whole again. We got to create economic development, we got to make sure we give the best education regardless of what zip code you come from,” she said. “We got to make sure we give people the foundation and put them in an environment where they won’t have a choice but to make better decisions.

“The prevalence of guns in our society is a problem. Why don’t we do universal background checks and do close the loopholes at gun shows.”

With presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, soon to pick a running mate, Congresswoman Demings name has been mentioned, which she confirmed she would accept.

“I would consider it an honor to serve beside President Joe Biden and help get his country back on the right track and make sure we do not leave out communities that look like me and leave out certain zip codes,” she added.

You can hear more in the full discussion below.