Fred The Godson died on Thursday after a three week battle with coronavirus. A spokesperson for the 35-year-old rapper confirmed his passing with The Source this afternoon.

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The Source reported previously that the Payback rapper lost his fever which was a big improvement, although he was still in intensive care. The fever had peaked at 105 degrees. Fred was at a higher risk for the virus because of his asthma.

According to his publicist, Fred’s heart and vitals have been showing positive signs in addition to the reduced fever. As a result of the disease, Fred’s kidney function has not been working. Prior to being diagnosed with COVID-19, the “LeBron and Serena” rapper would often post photos on Instagram using the breathing treatment machine to treat asthma.


The Godson is survived by his two daughters and his wife. Fred dropped his Payback mixtape two weeks prior to being hospitalized.

RIP Fred The Godson