Since the birth of the Verzuz battle matches founded by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, which started with their epic match, the buzz about prospect battles has been in the air. Dedicated producers have been inspired to fuel themselves up about getting in on the challenge, wondering about their prospective opponents.

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Among them is the legendary Havoc from iconic Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, he revealed his spiel to Swizz Beatz about being open to any opponent for a Verzuz battle.

“I just hit up Swizz, I sent him my list,” he said. “Now I said, ‘Swizz, I’ll battle anybody you put me against.’ He said, ‘I bet.’ I said, ‘I’ll be waiting,’ and he said, ‘I’m going to do it ASAP.’ So look for that.”


Many classic hip-hop enthusiasts are eager to see the notable producer go against fellow class acts such as RZA and Alchemist. While Havoc expressed interest in taking them on, he also did not downplay possibly going against new-age producers like Metro Boomin or any of the producers from the A$AP mob, despite the era gap.

“Yeah. Yeah!” he expressed. “You could put me up against anybody and I’m not going to get destroyed. I believe that in my heart. I could definitely hang in there with the best of them.”

Swizz Beatz may have spilled the beans and set in stone who Havoc’s opponent may be. During an Instagram Live with Timbaland last Saturday (April 18), Beatz recalled a recent comment Alchemist made during his battle with Timbaland and stated his reply to The Soul Assassins producer was to “focus on Havoc.”

Since the venue of the Versus battles is on Instagram, a social media platform, Havoc has not dropped any hints about participating in the battle series. However, hip-hop heads have easily thrown him into the conversation. With the 25th anniversary of The Infamous approaching, it would be a treat to witness Havoc delve into another culturally notable moment.