New York 14 district representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hopped on Instagram yesterday to join The Fat Joe Show and have a conversation about the things that matter. Fat Joe has been interviewing figures from all walks of life on the show, live from the comfort of his home while social distancing.

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The Bronx natives definitely represented for their borough, showing love to their hometown and combining fun banter with the important conversations. 

They held an interesting debate on capitalism — Fat Joe bluntly expressing “I’m a capitalist and I’m trying to make the most money I can in the universe,” to which AOC replied, “There is a limit to greed. It’s not to say that we shouldn’t live prosperous lives … what it is to say is that there’s gotta be a point where we gotta say, hold on — we need to address climate change, we need to make sure we aren’t charging $4,000 [for] Insulin. There are some things that should not be for sale. Our lives should not be for sale. Our ability to go to a hospital should not be for sale. Our ability to leave a planet for our kids to live on should not be for sale, Black and Brown bodies should not be for sale … There are some things that should not be for-profit.”


The two went on to discuss her thoughts on immigration and Trump, as she criticized the president for “filling planes with COVID-positive immigrants and sending them to other countries” and attempting to take the opportunity to hurt our communities. 

AOC also revealed that her favorite rappers are Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, Nas and KRS-One, in true New Yorker fashion. After hundreds tuned in to hear her perspective on a wide range of topics, Fat Joe wrapped the session exclaiming, “I didn’t know I’d like you this much.”