Swizz Beats and Timbaland might have single-handedly changed hip-hop with the creation of the VERZUZ Instagram battles. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, hip-hop fans have seen some of their favorite songwriters and producers battle it out over IG. Well, according to Diddy, the battle we have all been waiting for might be coming to fruition.

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Dr. Dre was not immediately on board to spar against Diddy, but on Fat Joe’s Instagram live, Diddy stated he and Dre have been talking about battling, and that it might happen.

“We’re definitely talking about it,” Diddy said when asked about whether the battle would take place. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.”


Earlier this week, Swizz and Timb jumped on live and discussed the possibility of the east and west coast legends battling it out on VERZUZ. They said that if the battle takes place, it may come with a charge. The money from the event would end up going to charity though.

If Dre and Diddy go against each other, who do you think is going to win?

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