Cliff Henderson V, also known professionally as “FIFTH” is an artist from the Bay Area in Northern California. As a child, he grew fond of music, primarily R&B and Soul. It was in middle school where he truly fell in love with hip-hop & rap and he began to put pen to paper for the first time. With major musical influences like Jay-Z & Tupac, it wasn’t long before he started winning freestyle battles on the high school blacktops! 

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“FIFTH” was born into a family of devout Jehovah’s Witnesses and became a baptized member at the age of nine. Later in life, however, he realized that his personal beliefs did not align with those of the group. Eventually, he was excommunicated from the group through a process called “disfellowshipping”. As a result, he was completely shunned by both friends and family.

After being estranged from his family and going through a deep depression, “FIFTH” decided to begin speaking out against the practice of shunning and the limitations he dealt with for many years in order to inspire others. After several media outlet appearances and interviews, FIFTH decided that it was time to pursue his lifelong passion for music. 


Fast forward to December of 2019, FIFTH released his first single “Cost of Doin’ Business”, in which he describes his severed ties with his family and his commitment to living his authentic truth. FIFTH is an artist with a message. The message is to be true to yourself and to do what you believe. His lyrical abilities shine through as he describes the journey of starting life over with a renewed determination and focus. His debut album, “One Years Old” is clearly just the beginning! 

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