Most Americans are going to act like he didn’t really say that.

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During a press conference last week about curbing the spread of the Coronavirus, President Trump made the dangerous suggestion of injecting disinfectants like Lysol to combat COVID-19. Since then, the Lysol brand has issued a disclaimer stating that the ingestion of their product in any form can be harmful or fatal.

Regardless of these otherwise unnecessary warnings, there have been cases of New Yorkers who obviously needed the hear the warning; there are cases in New York where people have either drank or injected the dangerous cleaning liquids.


According to The Poison Control Center for New York, there has been a total of 30 cases of deliberate ingestion on Thursday and Friday, which was after Trump made this shocking suggestion.

The Poison Control Center spokesman said that nine of the cases reported to the PCC were related to Lysol, 10 instances were related to bleach, and 11 were about other household cleaning products.