Teyana Taylor took over Red Bull’s Instagram live on Thursday, and she held a virtual screening for her new documentary, Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petunia.

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Red Bull put together the project which is described as an “unfiltered look into the creative process for Teyana’s iconic performance at Red Bull Music Festival New York.”

It’s almost an hour long and takes fans on a journey through the production of Teyana Taylor’s 2019 House of Petunia show, which was an audio-visual experience produced by her very own production company, The Aunties.


During the takeover, the multi-hyphenate did a Q&A with her dance captain Coco Gilbert, and they discussed her album which she revealed is complete.

“We’ve been working on the album,” the singer said. “The album is done—that’s why I look crazy right now. Before I got on with y’all, we literally just did the listening of the album. Y’all gonna be so happy.”

Teyana has been marching to the beat of her own drum ever since we first laid eyes on her on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. So she said that her album is set to be “more of a vibe.”

“This album is definitely more of a vibe. I don’t really do fast songs like that,” Taylor continued. “There are some head-boppers. It’s not super-fast. You can dance and you can cry and you can ride.”