Its been an eventful month for NBA Youngboy with allegations of infidelity and snitching surrounding his name, topped with a stabbing incident in his home.

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Yaya Mayweather is facing life in prison for stabbing the rapper’s baby’s mother, Lapattra Jacobs, and the couple has seemingly tried to move forward. But Jacobs says she has been dealing with verbal abuse since the whole ordeal and it’s not sitting well with her.

“Y’all steady throwing evil comments at me like for what[.] Y’all don’t know me. If y’all was in my shoes then y’all would feel the same way (being happy then sad). I’m over the place this some shit I never experience & wouldn’t want nobody to,” she wrote. “I don’t care bout no money. I care about [healing], getting over this & being strong. Then y’all saying I wanted this who want something like this to happen to them that’s crazy.”


Despite almost losing her life, Jacobs has shown support for NBA YoungBoy by sharing his latest rap effort he released on Friday, 38 Baby 2.