Zion Williamson appeared on the #NBATogether on the NBA’s social accounts and was interviewed by TNT’s Ernie Johnson. During his time he spoke on both The Last Dance documentaries along with his friendship with Drake.

Williamson is young so one may assume that he could be seeing a lot of footage from the Bulls of the 1990s for the first time, however, the Pelicans star has done his homework. He revealed his mother suggested that he watch the legends of the 80s and 90s for his own game.

“When I first started playing the game of basketball, my mom told me there were three payers I needed to go look up and watch: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan,” Williamson said. “I think I started with Magic and Bird, I was like ‘man, these guys are good.’ Then I started watching Mike, and even though I wasn’t alive when he was doing those things, it captured me. Everything he did was just incredible.”

Williamson would also get one of his big tastes of fame when Drake was spotted on Instagram in his jersey. Phone notifications had the young star fearing something was wrong.

“I think he posted it late at night. I woke up to crazy notifications on my phone. For a second, I was like, ‘Did something bad happen?’ I went to Instagram and my text messages, and everybody was saying ‘Go look at what Drake posted.’ I found it and I was just like, man this is crazy. Whether people know it or not, Drake posted that picture wearing my jersey before most of the world knew me.”

You can see the full conversation below.