In a lengthy Instagram post, the Dreamville First Lady announced her plans to leave social media for good. Ari Lennox feels as though showing her personality online has hurt her career and wants to be able to create while being “off the grid.” To support better mental health, Ari is leaving behind more than 1.5 million social media followers.

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“Me opening up to the world has only damaged my career…” Ari wrote on Instagram. “If I never returned to social media could it really erase everything’s (sic) happened? No. But I’m going to try. I really just want things to be about the music.”

Ari went on to reveal how she feels naïve and also judged by social media users when she does her Instagram live videos. The “B.M.O.” performer calls “people judging your every move” the worst part of being successful.


Ari Lennox recently opened up on Twitter about her lack of desire to make music and how the Coronavirus pandemic has been traumatizing and heartbreaking for her.

Ari Lennox has waged war on social media in some cases that may have seemed unnecessary like her rant about not winning any Soul Train Awards and in others that carry more value like defending Black women and their beauty against toxic masculinity.