After the recent release of the Russell Simmons-centered HBO documentary On The Record, the Hip-Hop pioneer and mogul have addressed the allegations set forth in the accusatory project.

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In an exclusive statement given to HipHopDX, the Def Jam Recordings founder leaves the entire ordeal up to God. “The stories are 25 to 40 years old. I have taken nine lie detector tests, seven by the president of the California Polygraph Association. Any reporter with any interest in the truth can find it out and they are starting to do so. God will sort that out. A lie can get so big that the truth is forced out,” said Simmons.

Last week, HBO released the trailer to the On The Record documentary, which is slated for its debut May 27.  


The 62-year-old also spoke about his recently published book Eat To Live and the health disparities faced by Black and Brown communities. “I’m very focused on health in the black community and finishing this book as we speak. The darker people all over the world are dying at a disproportionately higher level than their white counterparts in America — as much as six times the rate. 100 percent of this disparity is attributed to diet or environmental racism. I just completed a book Eat To Live, a post-pandemic lifestyle. We at Def Comedy Jam Relief Fund are working in the projects and pushing elected officials to put in the resources.”