If you are quarantined with your mom or making frequent calls, there is something you both can enjoy on Mother’s Day courtesy of Babyface. The legendary singer-songwriter and super-producer is not done with Instagram Live and is set for a May 10 return.

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While appearing on The View, Babyface revealed that he will break down the classic Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, which he wrote and produced.

“There were so many people on the Instagram Live who wanted to hear music from the Waiting to Exhale so I thought this would be great, Mother’s Day, to play the Waiting to Exhale album, tell stories, tell how it all happened and talk about the artists,” babyface revealed. “Because that was half the fun of it all in doing the Instagram Live was being able to tell stories. People were so interested in that. So I thought it would be fun to do as well.”


Can we get some more legends to hop on Instagram like this?!

Check out the announcement below.