According to a report from ABC News, the NYPD have discovered at least 50 bodies inside of two unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks outside of a funeral home in Brooklyn, NY yesterday after several people had been calling 911 for weeks about the smell.

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When the police finally checked the complaint, they discovered the two U-Haul trucks outside of the William T. Cleckley Funeral Home with the bodies inside. Neighbors who live near the funeral home-recorded some of the instances where the bodies were being dragged into the moving trucks.

The East Flatbush, Brooklyn funeral home has struggled to keep up with the surge of bodies due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Police found the bodies in various stages of decomposition. The owner told city officials that its freezer had stopped working and they were forced to use the trucks as storage while bodies awaited burial or cremation. 

No criminal charges were brought against the funeral home, but they did receive a citation for failing to control the odors.

A member of staff told ABC that there were a further 30 to 40 bodies inside and some were being kept on the floor. Funeral homes across New York City have been overwhelmed in recent weeks during the coronavirus pandemic.

New York City’s death toll had reached 12,287 as of Wednesday afternoon with at least 159,865 cases. Nearly half of all New York City residents say they know somebody who has died of coronavirus, a new poll finds, shedding a stunning light on just how deeply the pandemic has hit the Big Apple.